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A brief summary of our Optic Wash cleaning service as well as the products we use to keep our office and equipment sanitary and safe for our patients and staff.

Optic Wash

We are thankful that we have to opticwash and that it might help reassure our patients and staff that we are doing our part to protect you the best we can.

The opticwash is equipped with 3 lines of defense to help kill this virus. We use what is known as a UVC light. This light is documented and proven in the health industry to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. We are not claiming our opticwash does this as we are still in the process of getting certified by the FDA to state such. The fact is our opticwash uses this light. The second line of defense is our filtration. Our filtration system was designed by a chemical engineer that holds several patents in his field. We use a charcoal block that is 5 micron. The human eye can only see 40 micron. The final filter is a “.2 absolute”. This filter will catch the smallest particle of bacteria which is .2 microns. The third is the water we use. Reverse osmosis water is processed water with 99% of its minerals removed. It then passes through a deionized filter that takes it to zero ppm. This causes the water to become corrosive and it attacks minerals and oils in an attempt to regain its PH balance. It absorbs them into the RO water and consequently they are removed by our filtration system once again.

So this is a little science behind how it works for those engineers out there. One of the reasons May Vision Center brought this into the office was for easy and quick cleaning. Our staff here really don’t need to do anything other than show you how it works. After that, you can do it yourself and come in a couple times a week to clean your glasses if you want. It also cleans jewelry!


The foundation of Pure&Clean solutions is a naturally occurring compound internally produced by humans and mammals. White blood cells use this compound (HOCl) to fight bacteria and inflammation after infection or trauma. The unmatched quality of Pure&Clean products is recognized by our HOCl industry-best 24-month shelf life on all of our FDA cleared products. These products are non-cytoxic and safe for use around the eyes, mucous membranes and sensitive areas.

Why does May Vision Center use this product?

Pure&Clean Disinfectant / Sanitizer products are hospital grade and EPA registered to kill all labeled pathogens including what many other products cannot kill: C. Diff, MRSA, Noro and Rhino virus as viricide, germicide, tuberculocide, bactericide, and anti-microbial. Although the effectiveness of Pure&Clean Disinfectant / Sanitizer products are impressive, the most important value to the health of our consumers is the move away from highly toxic and dangerous chemicals that are so prevalent today. Pure&Clean products are the next generation of healthcare solutions.